Saturday, 31 March 2018

Decorative Embroidery Stitches: Basque Knot Stitch

Basque Knot Stitch  

It is a decorative stitch used for borders. 
Other names are Basque loop stitch, knotted pearl stitch, knotted loop stitch.

Basque Knot Stitch Vs. Basque Stitch

Similar names, but, very different in appearance and the way the two stitches are worked.

Basque Stitch belongs to the family of chain stitches. Basque Knot Stitch is type of Knot Stitch.

Basque Stitch is worked from left to right, whereas, the latter is worked from right to left.

Basque Knot Stitch 

Basque Knot Stitch

Here's how it is worked:

Bring the needle up at 'a', go down at 'b' and come up again at 'c'.

Happy Stitching!